Imagine a soap that is gentle, moisturizing, pure and natural. Seems unreal, right? Well, worry no more! Cocosoft is a 100% Natural and 100% handmade soap that your skin will thank you for. It retains the moisture, nourishes your skin with the essential vitamins required for a healthy skin barrier. This too-good-to-be-true soap is an amalgamation of 4 essential Oils that play different roles in making this soap a Dream Soap.

This nature’s product is free of added chemicals, color and fragrances. This is a true shower experience that you would cherish every day! The amalgamation of 4 Oils makes it the best natural handmade soap for your skin that is suitable for all skin types.

The Perfect Soap Checklist

Your Skin’s Dream

Soaps are known to be harsh, drying, too fragrant on skin. That's where we come in with Cocosoft and sweep you off your feet! Cococsoft is natural and handmade which is why it is gentle on all skin types and enhances the moisturization process during the shower itself.

A Blend of nourishment

The richness of real coconuts with antioxidant properties helps in moisturizing skin making it soft and supple. Patchouli oil for skin cell regeneration and glowing skin. The petitgrain oil helps fight blemishes, dark spots and stubborn acne marks for flawless skin. Ylang Ylang oil to rejuvenate mind and body for a relaxing shower experience.

Purity Quotient

The pure and real oils in the soap are just enough to make it suitable for all skin types. Why we are so sure about its purity is because we ensure no chemicals, artificial fragrances and colors are added in the making of our dream soap.

The Lather

Cocosoft is made of Coconut oil (70% coconut oil), hence it lathers well even in hard water as well. So, you do not have to worry about hard water issues that are harmful for your hair and skin as Cocosoft is the best choice to protect your skin and hair.