About Coconad

The Name 'Coconad' is coined from the words “Coconut" & "Naad" which means "from the land of coconuts. Coconad, the kingdom of coconuts, is a heavenly tropical land blessed with rich soil and a plethora of coconut trees lining the landscape. The coconut is revered throughout India for its diverse uses and its various applications ranging from cooking to cosmetics.

Everything from Coconad is made from coconut hence it is always healthy and tasty. We have been celebrating the wonderful goodness of the coconut for more than 75 years. With fresh produce from God’s Own Country, we are proud of our commitment to serve products that are convenient, pure and untainted. We at KLF Coconad want to spread the coconut story to the world.

Healthynad, Tastynad!

Elevate Your Wellness Journey

Almost all coconut oils available in our country are made from copra that has been smoked with sulphur. This is a very common practice across India. Sulphur smoking is done to ensure a higher shelf life for the copra while storing it. In India, coconut oil is mostly used for hair & skin application, but coconut oil made from sulphur smoked copra is not ideal for cooking. We at KLF Coconad ensure our coconut cooking oil is made from copra that is not smoked with sulphur at any stage of the process. Enter KLF, a name synonymous with innovation & quality in the coconut industry. With decades of experience, KLF has always been at the forefront of revolutionising the coconut-based product market. Know More

Goodness of Coconut Oil

The oil that is healthy and tasty? We got you one! Richness of coconuts and their all-time health benefits are the real deal that you shouldn’t miss out on. Healthy for hair, skin and heart, the coconad coconut oil is pure, chemical-free and a great option for you to feed your family.

The Coconad Coconut Oil has numerous health benefits for your body! Pure, enriched with essential minerals and rich in taste, this oil is suitable for all types of cooking be it high temperature, baking, frying etc. One taste and it takes you back to the land of coconuts, Kerala, and its authenticity.

Going on a diet? Have a movie night but don’t want to deviate from your diet? We got you sorted. This oil is suitable for salads, popcorn, frying your favorite pass-time snack, everything! This oil is known to help control type 2 diabetes, improve metabolism and also helps fight obesity. Staying healthy just got easier with Coconad!

Diverse health benefits


This oil is diabetic friendly, giving you one more reason to relish your favorite cuisine without a strong underlying taste. Even after being an oil that is suitable for high-temperature cooking, it retains all its nutritional properties.

Immunity boosting properties

Rich in Lauric Acid (generally found in mother’s milk), it’s the perfect choice for you to cook all your meals in. The anti-microbial properties in both Lauric Acid and coconut oil also help in improving your immunity by protecting from diseases like the common cold and flu.

Authenticity of Flavors

Known as a fine replacement for butter, the authentic coconut flavor with enrichment of Vitamin A and E makes it a must-have in your pantry. The versatile coconut milk and desiccated coconuts are the perfect alternatives to help ease your journey to a healthy life.


No more squeezing, scraping coconuts for various recipes. Easy to use and easy to pour products make the usage even better and convenient, use it whenever, wherever and however you want it!