Ellunad- “Ennu ennai” is the finest blend of culture and technology for Tamil samayal. The culture and the taste nurtured with pride, all over Tamil Nadu. Ellunad is made with a unique technique which matches the intact properties of Ellu ennai as good as it is in Mara cheku. The seed stays inside the machine for a fraction of second, thus no heat involved in the process. The result- Oil with no charred or burnt aroma. This makes the Ellunad the unique Ellu ennai. The colour and the aroma says it all. We coined this name “Ellu Nadu” for this Ellu Ennai because we believe that Tamil Nadu has the widest range for dishes made with Ellu ennai. The dishes date from Sangam era spanning from south Pandya nadu to Pallava Nadu in north. Ellu ennai is a subtle way of saying Tamil mozhi, the ennai spread across Tamilnadu. Ellunad is our pride. Soon it would be the pride of all Tamilians.

About Pungency

Oil is made by crushing an oil seed, oil will get its properties from its seed. The technology used for crushing plays a crucial role - the heat, temperature and time determines the aroma, colour and taste of the oil. , Ellunad is made using a superior technology where the seed is crushed much faster, the resulting oil will have far superior aroma, colour and taste. It’s very easy to identify this please smell it yourself, you can notice the strong pungency of this oil “Ellunad”

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