Sesame Oil - A Store House of Nutrition

Known to have multiple health benefits, Sesame Oil has a great overall nutritional profile making it the perfect choice for everyone! The host of Ayurvedic preparations, Sesame Oil has been a major part of Ayurveda for centuries now.

This oil is made from Super-quality sesame seeds to ensure quality, fineness and purity of the sesame oil that could be evident in the cooking. Name a health benefit and Sesame Oil has it, be it skin, hair, immunity or cholesterol, Tilnad does it all. Rich in large quantities of Vitamin E and K, organic compounds and other essential components is one of the reasons why Sesame is considered a healthy and nutritious Oil.

Purity in every drop

Quality of Ingredients

The oil is made from the finest sesame seeds from the finest gingelly crops to maintain the purity and quality of the Gingelly or Sesame Oil which is why it has been making a buzz among all the health conscious people for obvious reasons.

Nutritional Profile

With the richness of zinc for better skin elasticity and spots, polyunsaturated fatty acids, sesamol and sesamin to lower bad cholesterol and anti-microbial properties for hair and scalp health, gingelly or Sesame Oil is truly a must-have in your kitchen!

Ayurvedic Importance

Sesame oil has a very relevant presence in Ayurveda since several centuries now and is great for health because of evident reasons. It is a great oil for cooking due to its rich flavors and the goodness of essential vitamins and minerals and organic components that are integral for overall health.

Anti-bacterial properties

Sesame Oil is a great oil because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are effective for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The natural oxidants present in sesame oil also help reduce the rate of oxidation, improving anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.