Why use the Nirmal Pure Coconut oil?

The wholesome goodness and care of real coconuts is what makes it the best haircare and personal care product. Our Nirmal Pure Coconut oil is extracted from real coconuts which is why it is the best hair nourisher you could ask for! These bottles of goodness are enriched with essential vitamins essential for the nourishment and growth of hair.

Our oil also acts as sunscreen for your hair, personal care, while protecting your skin from UV damage and ultimately making it the holy grail you need for your haircare and personal care routines! At KLF Nirmal, we ensure that there are no adulterants or additives that might diminish the quality of our products. Our manufacturing process plants have the highest hygienic standards so that our consumers always get the best pure quality produce from the best coconuts, handpicked from the coconut farms of Kerala.

The oil that just does more!

Hair health check

Our Nirmal Pure Coconut oil is a one-package deal for your haircare! It nourishes your hair by penetrating deep into the shaft three times more with the benefits of Vitamin E to further enhance hair quality.

Health and Rejuvenation

This Nirmal Pure Coconut oil is a must have for personal care. It promotes good health, replenishes mind and body, nourishes the skin and hair with the help of Vitamin E that is already present in the oil. A oil so beneficial for overall health, there’s no going back!

Made from Kerala coconuts

Originating from God’s own country, this authentic Kerala oil is not only a hair-oil, you can also use it to moisturizing dry skin, reducing inflammation from UVB rays and it is antibacterial, and antifungal making it the perfect companion for your skincare routine.

Purity and Realness

Our real coconuts from Kerala are the reason why our products smell divine and have even better benefits of all kinds! The Nirmal Coconut Oil is considered of the highest quality because of its pure, non-sticky nature, zero preservatives and chemicals!